Don’t Worry About Scary URL Warnings

Do you use a shortlink plugin like WP Bitly or JetPack’s module?  Does your site have URL redirection rules?

If so, then there’s a good chance Tweet This’ shortcode creator will assault you with a warning message like this:

Worry not!  The universe hasn’t ended.  Nothing is wrong.  There are just certain configurations that prevent Tweet This from finding the URL to your post inside the shortcode creator.  There are several reasons why this may occur, but none should interfere with the resultant Tweet This box or link.  It only affects the shortcode creator.


Solving the Problem

In a fit of 3AM brilliance, while pulverizing the enemy in Titanfall, I had an idea.  It’s not important that the shortlink point to the actual post until it is published.  All that’s really needed is a placeholder that looks similar and has the same length.

So, that’s what I did.  Tweet This checks to see if a shortlink exists for your post.  If it doesn’t find one, it uses a placeholder until it does.

This placeholder is the shortlink for the last published post on your site.  Presumably, it is almost identical in appearance and length to what your shortlink will be.



So, the warning is nothing to worry about.  The plugin is fine.  It’s simply taking steps to give an accurate representation of your tweet with incomplete information.

If this placeholder method is behaving unexpectedly, let me know.  It would be helpful to know what shortlink altering plugins you use, what you expected the shortlink to look like, and what it does look like.

Also, if you have any better ideas about solving the missing shortlink problem, tell me.  I’m not particularly fond of my current solution, and am open to suggestions.

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