About Tweet This

Use the “Tweet This” WordPress plugin to create stylish and easy-to-use calls-to-action for your readers.  Embed your most engaging quotes as Click to Tweet links.


vi⋅ral [vahy-ruh l]
1.     becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet


Everyone wants a viral blog post.  A trendy website.  And a rabid fan base.

Few see those desires fulfilled.


But not you.  You know your audience.  What they crave.  What they love.  What they need.  You captivate your readers.

Now, use their delight to increase your reach!


Tweet This offers you a highly customizable, visually appealing, and simple marketing tool.  Choose memorable quotes or engaging comments that your audience would likely tweet, and embed a “Tweet This” box in your posts.

When your readers click on it, they’ll have an opportunity to tweet the comment, with a link to your post, and your Twitter username.


Step 1: Create a TweetThis Box and Insert It Into Your Post



Step 2: Reader Sees Tweet Box In Your Post



Step 3: Reader Clicks The Link


Step 4: Tweet Is Broadcast to the Readers Friends and Followers




Don’t wait.  Get your readers working for you today with the Tweet This WordPress plugin!